Emburse Abacus

Real time expense reporting

Real-time automation simplifies how you reimburse your team, reconcile corporate credit cards, and enforce expense policies.

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Achieve efficiency with real time expense reporting

Real time expense reporting automatically captures and organizes expense data with granular controls. It’s expense reporting reimagined for today’s technology.

Expense data

Capture accurate expense data from employees

See all corporate card spending as it happens to help prevent fraud and reconcile throughout the month.

Expense policy & approvals

Automate your expense policy and approval hierarchy

Automated controls and approval workflows keep spend in policy and expenses sent to the proper set of approvers automatically.

Spending visibility

Instant visibility into spending and budgets

Integrate multiple sources of data to automatically suggest expenses that are accurate, complete, and timely.

Perfect for fast-growing organizations

Emburse Abacus scales to match the evolving structure of your organization. Give your team a simple way to control, manage, and track spending in real time.

Not the right fit?

There's an Emburse solution that can meet your organization's specific needs.