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Corporate Travel Booking

Book every trip within policy

Emburse Certify Travel makes it easy for employees to book travel anywhere, from any device, with a powerful online booking tool that ensures policy compliance.

Certify enterprise travel ROI

Certify enterprise travel

Certify Travel was built to help organizations maximize savings and the ROI of business travel. With unparalleled reliability, user-centric technology, and comprehensive duty of care, users enjoy a seamless experience with every trip—while finance teams enjoy deep data visibility and automated policy compliance.

Certify enterprise travel ROI

The Certify Travel advantage

Empower employees to become their own travel managers with a powerful online booking tool that keeps travel spend within policy.

Automated policy compliance and pre-trip approvals

Integrates with any established TMC

Lowest logical fares for flexibility and cost-savings

Responsive phone, chat, and email support

Corporate rates for air, rail, hotel, and car rental

Easily track and apply unused tickets for instant savings

Seamless expense management integration

Flexible reporting helps you identify T&E trends and negotiate better rates

Certify Travel for small business

Keep costs down while empowering your employees to book travel within policy easily. Our all-in-one travel booking system makes it easy to book flights, hotels, and rental cars at the lowest logical fares in minutes. Gain total visibility into your travel spend with seamless integration into Certify Expense.

Certify Travel for small business dashboard

Make your company’s policy compliance automatic

Your employees will never have to worry about compliant travel with our powerful policy engine working behind the scenes. We’ll configure your company’s travel policy into Certify Travel, curating itineraries that match policies with the lowest logical fares.

Is your company overspending on travel?

Generate an instant, customized infographic and view your T&E spend alongside the latest SpendSmartâ„¢ benchmarking data.