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Dynamic expense generation

Advanced conveniences that make life easier for everyone

Gone are the days of manually creating expenses, then matching them with receipt images. If you send receipts to Emburse Tallie, we will generate your expenses for you.

Ways you send receipt images to Emburse Tallie

Take a photo from the Android or iPhone mobile app

Select photos from your Android or iPhone image library

Forward an email with HTML receipt content or a receipt attachment to receipts@usetallie.com

Drag receipts from your desktop to your browser

Person using Tallie solutions

Additional credit card transaction feeds

If you choose not to issue your own Emburse Cards, you can take advantage of Tallie's credit card connect feature, which leverages the power of credit card aggregation to pull in transaction feeds from thousands of banks. Depending on your card program's scale and the bank you use, Tallie can offer direct transaction feeds, aggregated transaction feeds, or statement upload functionality, all with the power to auto-assign transactions to cardholders.

Map-based mileage calculations

Claim mileage reimbursement at the standard IRS rate or your company's custom reimbursement rate. Use Tallie's intuitive tools to calculate the amount owed.

  • Auto-calculate mileage and expense based on to/from input in browser or mobile app

  • Trigger mileage tracking with GPS-enabled start/ stop functions on Android or iPhone mobile app

  • Tallie dynamically generates a map with origin and destination information for visual reference

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