Why choose Emburse Spend?

Easily automate how you implement your expense policy, reconcile corporate credit card transactions, and analyze spend in real time.

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Emburse Spend expense report app

Turn purchasing into a strategic resource

Be confident in your decisions. Accurate, real-time information helps you make more confident decisions when approving expenses, or analyzing company spend, budgets, and return on investment.

simplify your p-card management

Give expenses the time they deserve, not more

Increase your efficiency by focusing your time on expenses with exceptions. Emburse Spend separates out expenses that violate policy, are approaching budget, contain errors, or are potentially fraudulent.

Stop chasing employees after they have spent company money. Review and approve the spend before it happens. Allow built-in policy controls and automated reconciliation to make sure everyone is following guidelines.

Simplify employee purchasing
Happy expense report approver

The most efficient way to manage expenses

Capture accurate expense data from employees

Emburse Spend drafts expenses using reliable data sources such as receipts and card transactions to ensure records are complete and accurate.

Automate your expense policy and approval hierarchy

Apply policy rules before submitting expenses to prevent violations before routing to the right approver for review.

Instant visibility into spending and budgets

Build custom reports with real-time data to help you identify trends and manage budgets.

Effortless connectivity

Integrates with your existing tools

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Reimagine how you manage expenses

The only truly real-time expense reporting solution on the market

Reimburse your teams easily

Reconcile corporate credit cards throughout the month

Keep your T&E policy in tune with your business

Enables organizations to make faster, smarter decisions

Solutions that fit your unique needs

Whether you are operating a multi-location corporation or a small family business, you can configure Emburse Spend to your needs.

Adapt in real time

Emburse Spend scales with your organization so you can adjust policies, approval workflows, and data syncs on the fly. 

Easily issue cards

Allows organizations to issue virtual and physical cards, giving companies real time, end-to-end control over employee expenses from the point of sale through reconciliation.

Enable smarter travel

Perfect for infrequent business travelers. Create the expense categories you need and apply your policies to reduce fraud.