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Calculate the return on investment you could experience with Emburse Spend based on industry data from GBTA and the IOCP.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An ROI calculator gives you a "return on investment" estimation that compares your current state to your future state after using a new process or tool.

An ROI calculation is valuable because it helps organizations understand what they may gain from changing and how fast it pays for itself.

We calculate the ROI based on the total number of employees, which gives us a better picture of organizational complexity.

Processing a check is labor intensive, lacks visibility, and could increase the risk of fraud. We ask for the total number of checks monthly to show these savings in the calculation.

Most organizations have heavy and light months for expenses. Estimate the monthly average by taking your most recent year-end total or projected year-end total and dividing by 12.

Emburse Spend manages expenses without expense reports, saving teams valuable hours every month. We show this savings in the end-result ROI calculation.