Emburse Spend FAQs

All the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Emburse Spend. 

Emburse Spend is the next evolution in card management. The solution empowers budget managers with real-time visibility and control of employees’ spend. Budget managers can review and approve employees’ spend before it happens. The auto-reconciliation feature eliminates burdensome, manual expense report activities for employees. 

Do you have 7 minutes? See Emburse Spend in action. 

Emburse Spend is designed to significantly improve the experience of both budget managers and employees purchasing on behalf of the company across many categories of spend. Examples include:
  • Non-PO related spend: Emburse Spend is the perfect option for low dollar/high volume spend that doesn’t require a purchase order. Avoid the need to process invoices through Accounts Payable by issuing a virtual or physical card at the point of purchase. 
  • Recurring spend: Easily manage subscriptions with a single approval. Issue virtual cards to support recurring spend on the frequency and amount desired. Set it and forget it. 
  • Infrequent spend: Not everyone in an organization needs or has use for a corporate card on a regular basis. Emburse Spend will support infrequent spending with a flexible, easy to manage virtual or physical card that provides insight and control to finance teams. Receipts auto-reconcile removing friction from typical corporate card reconciliation processes.  
Yes. Emburse Spend allows for 150 ACH reimbursements per month for free. Unlimited ACH reimbursements are also available as part of a custom package.
However, you will reduce or eliminate your need for ACH reimbursements by issuing Emburse Cards to your employees. 

Yes. You can connect card program feeds to Emburse Spend for a monthly fee. This will help you see full spend visibility across your Emburse Spend and other corporate card programs. 

Yes. Emburse Spend connects to Oracle Netsuite, Sage Intacct, Xero, and QuickBooks Online for free. QuickBooks Desktop integration is available as part of a custom package.

Yes. Emburse Spend supports SAML-based SSO for free. Two factor authentication is available as part of a custom package.

Great news! There are no additional fees for domestic to the United States transactions using or issuing physical and virtual Emburse Cards.

Emburse Cards can be limited by dollar amount, time, and merchant category code.

It depends on how you want to use your cards. Virtual cards work great for online transactions and can be used with Apple Pay or Google Pay, which may cover more than 90% of your transactions. However, some vendors like restaurants and hotels still require physical cards.

Virtual corporate credit cards are the perfect choice for most categories of business spend, including software, subscriptions, training, and conference fees. 

Yes, virtual cards are real credit cards. They work exactly the same as your plastic cards, minus being a physical object you can hold. These cards can be loaded into both Apple Pay and Google Pay.

It takes only a few seconds to create both virtual and physical cards. Virtual cards are available immediately, and physical cards arrive in 5-7 business days.

Emburse Cards are accepted everywhere that accepts Visa globally. A 1% transaction fee is applied when Cards are used outside of the United States. 

No, Emburse Cards are protected from being used at ATMs.

Emburse Cards are Commercial Visa cards.

Like most card programs, we receive a small percentage from every transaction that uses Emburse Cards. This allows us to provide Emburse Spend for free while motivating us to improve the solution continuously to keep you and your team happy.