Real-time expense management

Real-time expense reporting and management is a method of expense reporting that automatically captures and organizes corporate card transactions in a continuous flow of expense data. Emburse Spend is expense reporting reimagined for today’s needs.

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Automated expense reporting software that scales

Emburse Spend scales to match the evolving structure of your organization, giving you the ability to adjust the granularity of policies, approval workflows, and data that you track.

Easy for employees to submit expenses

Faster submission, review, and reimbursement

Submit anywhere, anytime from your mobile phone or web

Automatically connect Emburse Cards and other corporate cards

Snap a picture of your receipt then recycle it

Automatic expense creation and suggestions

Move beyond expense reports

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Real-time expenses flow into dynamic live reports to speed up review and approval.

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Automated controls

Intelligent controls prevent policy violations, surface anomalies, and keep every expense compliant.

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Integrate multiple sources of data to automatically suggest expenses that are accurate, complete, and timely.

Keep your T&E policy in tune with your business

User using Emburse Spend T&E Policy

Program rules to automate your policy

Configure expense policy rules that warn or prevent submission unless all relevant information such as category, client, project, is completed.

Budgets and daily limits

Automatically enforce budgets and daily limits by category, team, or any custom field with configurable rules.

Create granular auto-approve rules

Set detailed and specific criteria to automatically approve expenses, such as monthly recurring subscriptions.

Send expenses to the right approver

Route individual expenses automatically to approvers based on criteria that match your approval hierarchy such as project manager or amount.

Calculate your potential ROI with Spend

Gain a multi-dimensional view of your spend

Spend smarter with helpful features

Put every expense in front of the right people

Routing rules send every expense to the proper set of approvers, automatically. Every manager sees only the expenses they need to approve.

Organize expenses into live reports

Instead of reviewing expenses in static bundles, you can review custom reports that are searchable, sortable, and contextual. See expenses logically sorted by employee, project, client, etc. as live-reports for faster review.

Speed up corporate card reconciliation

A real-time view of corporate card transactions helps you manage your card spend throughout the month and close the books faster.

Drill deeper into your spending

Granular data means you can analyze spending by project, client, cost center, or any other tracked data in real time.

Gather strategic insights

Analyze and summarize company spend by projects, clients, tradeshows, cost centers, or any other tracked data.
Some questions Emburse Spend can help you answer:

How much has marketing spent on advertising versus budget?

How much did we spend on travel this month vs. last month?

What do we spend the most money on each month and how can we reduce it?

Keep your organization moving

Continuously sync to your accounting software

Keep your expenses in alignment with your accounting software using our direct integrations.

Gain complete visibility

All expense activity is logged, including communications, reviewers, and edits on each expense.

Connect Emburse Spend to your business

Spend integrates with your CRM, HR, and other productivity tools.

Accrual or cash method

Sync expenses to your accounting software using either cash or accrual method.

Export your expense data

You have complete access to all of your expenses data. Export as either a CSV or PDF.

Long-term data access

All of your expense data is backed up and stored for a minimum of seven years to help keep you compliant with IRS regulations.