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B2B Payments

Efficient, integrated vendor payments

Simplify the entire accounts payable automation process from remittance to reconciliation.

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Unite disconnected systems

An end-to-end solution gives you a powerful opportunity to accelerate the reconciliation process while simultaneously leveraging electronic payment options. This frees you to optimize cash flow using a complete view of spending in one elegant solution.

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Emburse B2B Payment Options

Simplify vendor payments

Unifying your invoice lifecycle provides massive savings compared to paying bills manually. Efficiency and cost savings increase at scale, giving finance more visibility and accelerating opportunities to optimize cash flow and find discounts and rebates.
Flexible electronic payments like virtual cards and ACH provide a fast, secure way to pay invoices -- all while syncing with your accounting system.
Switching to virtual card payments streamlines the entire invoice to pay process and offers incredible savings through cash back rebates. 

Our team takes a white glove approach and  will help enable your vendors to receive electronic payments.

Benefits of Emburse Virtual Cards

For B2B Payments


Emburse virtual cards are created with a unique card number each time you hit ‘Pay’. Your payment can only be swiped by your vendor for the invoiced amount.


Take advantage of automatic reconciliation when payments are made within Emburse Pay.


No hidden exclusions. Rebates earned on every dollar when you pay using the included virtual card option.

Emburse B2B Payments in action

Pay bills electronically in three steps:

1. Identify your key vendors

Using a simple report from your ERP, we identify eligible vendors and offer recommendations

2. Enable your suppliers

We build campaigns to get your vendors set up to accept electronic payments

3. Review and adapt to change

Our team will regularly identify and enable new vendors as your organization changes

Emburse B2B Payments in action

Features that make a difference

Each Emburse Pay solution delivers on the promise to simplify life at work thanks to friendly features that include:

Simplified payments

Eliminate time-consuming tasks and take advantage of discounts

Enhanced visibility

See everything from in-progress invoices to completed payments

Additional revenue

Earn a rebate on all virtual card payments made with Emburse Pay

Improved relationships

Ensure every payment arrives on- or ahead of time

Increased agility

Enable any vendor with our tailored solution

World-class protection

Automation and the highest security standards mitigate the risk of fraud

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Emburse Pay - B2B Payments

Automate your entire invoice lifecycle within a single, user-friendly solution.

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