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Effortless audit enforcement

Even the best controls need verification to ensure they’re effective. Rely on our intelligent technology and expert team of auditors to catch fraudulent transactions, identify wasteful spend, and ensure compliance.

Person using Emburse Audit enforcement to identify and enforce compliance

About Emburse Audit

Effectively increase compliance with automation

Time spent verifying compliance is time away from more strategic work. Approvers often don’t have the context, knowledge or time to accurately and promptly identify out-of-policy spend. Emburse Audit offloads your entire audit process to a team of technology-assisted independent experts to quickly identify suspicious spending patterns and expenses that exceed your policy.

Intelligent machine learning algorithms help our human auditors easily identify which invoices, receipts and policy exceptions to review as part of your approval process. They uncover suspicious activity, as well as determine the validity of a transaction—freeing your team from uncomfortable conversations and empowering them to reimburse employees quickly.


Why Emburse Audit?

Reduce risk

Reduce risk

Protect your brand from negative publicity or legal action.

Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

Spend less time playing “policy police” and more time on strategic work to grow the business.

Ensure compliance

Ensure compliance

Flag unauthorized purchases and expenses that are non-compliant with ease.


Our audit professionals will be your first line of defense

Emburse Audit modernizes the way finance teams integrate auditing into their spend management process. It provides a targeted, independent review of your organizations most at-risk spend. Our intelligent technology flags non-compliant or wasteful spend and routes it to our expert team for thorough review—all before reaching an internal approver.

Streamline your expense reimbursement and accounts payable automation processes with integrated machine learning and artificial intelligence powered auditing. Say goodbye to long reimbursement times, duplicate payments and inefficient internal approvals. Say hello to intelligent auditing, done right.

Our intuitive audit technology targets suspicious activity to flag errors, fraud and wasteful spend for our team of experts to review. Over time, our machine learning algorithm understands your unique compliance rules and flags these transactions more intelligently.

Future proof your business and your finance team as you scale without worrying about the burden internal auditing puts on your staff. Instead, empower your team to reimburse employees quickly and enjoy the peace of mind each payment is in compliance, every time.

An Emburse audit professional reviewing wasteful spending

Audit benefits

Avoid wasteful spend

  • Easily catch duplicates, errors, and compliance violations before any invoices are reviewed by your internal approvers.
  • Let our intelligent technology and team of experts uncover suspicious spend patterns before any payment has been made.
  • Validate each expense reimbursement request adheres to your corporate policies—even if those policies change over time.
  • A tech-assisted approach allows our team of independent auditors to target high risk spend and resolve exceptions directly with employees.

The biggest impact is the reduction of time needed to submit, audit, enter and pay expenses, not just for the accounting group but for the attorneys and their assistants as well. No more lost forms or delays on approvals. The attorneys and their assistants love it, and definitely speeds up the reimbursement process.

Alice Trammel

Dinsmore & Shohl

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Shift the burden of checking, approving, and reminding employees to do their expenses from your shoulders to ours. Reach out to learn how Emburse Audit can help.