Achieve more sustainable travel with Emburse

We’ve entered a new era of business travel. The need for sustainability is more critical than ever. If your carbon emissions are not being tracked, they’re not being managed. Enter Emburse. 

Track individuals' CO2 footprints to inform them and empower them to make more considered travel planning decisions. Manage and analyze your organization's travel and employee out-of-pocket spend Scope 3 emissions, to create accurate reporting for your corporate ESG initiatives.

Emburse empowers you to make smarter, more sustainable business travel decisions.

Accurately report on your travel program's Scope 3 emissions

In partnership with GreeMko, Emburse provides customers of its Emburse Captio expense automation solution with rich data and greater insights by calculating the carbon footprint of employee expenses. Expense data captured from travel bookings and purchase receipts is converted into tonnes of CO2 equivalent, enabling companies to more accurately report on their total carbon emissions, and meet the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol Scope 3 standards, or achieve certification in ISO 14064.

Sustainable travel starts here

Emburse and our partners deliver the insight that you need to accurately measure and manage your corporate travel carbon footprint, report on your ESG commitments, and make more sustainable travel decisions.

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Emburse Captio

Gain efficiency and control over your expense management. Captio offers the transformative technology and regional expertise that your Southern European organization needs.

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Emburse Go

Emburse Go enables organizations to easily capture travel carbon data, and provides travelers with insight into their own travel footprint, delivered in a clear, easy-to understand manner.

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Calculate and report on your organization's Scope 3 emissions. The first step to improve is to measure and analyze your travelers' carbon footprint.

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Create and implement a more sustainable T&E Policy

Through the partnership between Emburse and GreeMko, businesses can harness reliable, accurate data to enhance their reporting, budgeting, and guidance around carbon footprinting.”

Eric Friedrichsen

Why sustainable travel matters

The rapid return to business travel after the COVID-19 lockdowns showed that there is still huge desire for face-to-face meetings. But employee travel is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions.

In a more sustainability-minded world, where ESG has rapidly become part of the business ecosystem, it's critical that organizations are aware of the impact of their travel programs, and take active measures to reduce their carbon footprint.

Global travel - especially air - is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. While travel is essential for business, we are all responsible for minimizing our environmental impact. Understanding the key components of your organization's travel-based Scope 3 emissions can help you to offer more sustainable options - whether it's shifting travel from air to rail, choosing LEED-certified lodging partners, or simply implementing carbon offset programs.  

Improving sustainability isn't just about saving the planet - it can also have real business benefits.

Increased profits: companies with high ESG ratings are proven to be more successful than their counterparts, and their shares outperform the market.

Improved public image: modern consumers are far more conscious of the sustainability of the companies they do business with - and vote with their wallets.

Greater employee satisfaction: today's workforce is far more environmentally-conscious than previous generations. Walk the environmental talk to hire and retain the best and brightest talent.  

Enhanced social responsibility: a greater focus on sustainability means that businesses are more likely to be viewed as socially responsible.

Be a force for good within your organization. Create a travel and expense policy which helps your employees to make more thoughtful decisions. Help your organization to lower its carbon footprint. Help deliver shareholder value while being a responsible steward for the planet.