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Banking & finance industries

Innovative solutions for corporate reconciliation

Data integrations are key for both business travelers and finance teams. Emburse syncs with Lyft, Uber, supports hotel folio parsing, Snap & Send receipt capture, and integrates with all leading online booking tools, travel management companies, corporate cards, and financial software and ERPs, such as FISERV.

Emburse delivers elegant and intuitive solutions which makes it easy to upload receipts, automatically separate charges, and submit and approve expenses and invoices while on the go. With our solutions, such as ChromeRiver, there is a responsive web app always provides business travelers and expense owners with the latest version of the software that can be used right away with little to no training.

The charges on your corporate cards can automatically populate a new expense report. Monthly corporate card statements can be reconciled by simply dragging and dropping.

Give your clients a tech-fueled advantage

Helping your clients succeed is a quick path to growth. While legacy systems cover the basics, having a suite of scalable solutions gives your bank more to offer. With Emburse, you’ll be able to provide new ways to win over customers, reduce attrition, and help them grow with confidence.

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Smart features and intelligent controls

Managing expense and AP spending should be effortless. Let our technology guide your employees to spend wisely and give you complete finance visibility.

Maintain regulatory compliance

Ensure accurate reporting for finance, investors, and the SEC

Support global operations

Mobile-first technology lets your team operate from any location

Fast payments

Reimburse employees swiftly and pay vendors securely with less effort

Streamlined workflows

 Eliminate the busy work around routing expenses and invoices for approval

Improve compliance

Reduce fraud and ensure compliance with granular expense and invoice policies

Integrate with every tool

Connect all your business systems for greater operational efficiency

Insightful analytics and reporting

Make strategic, data-backed business decisions instead of relying on intuition

Reconcile credit card transactions

Effortlessly sync expenses from leading card programs

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Intelligently plot your journey towards fully optimized spend management.

Learn where you are now to reach where you want to be in the future.

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