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Construction tracking features

Smart features that make it easier for everyone

Managing build project expenses should be effortless. Revamp how your teams handle construction cost tracking with our expense report software, ensuring precise financial control for your construction projects and budget.

Work from anywhere

Mobile-first technology lets your team operate from any of your job sites, even in areas without online connectivity

Improve compliance

Reduce fraud and ensure compliance with granular expense and invoice policies

Fast payments

Reimburse employees swiftly and pay vendors securely with less effort

Streamlined workflows

Eliminate the busy work around routing expenses and invoices for approval

Seamless integrations

Connect your business systems for greater efficiency and accuracy

Actionable analytics and reporting

Make insightful, strategic business decisions based on precise data instead of intuition

Reconcile credit card transactions

Effortlessly reconcile expenses from leading card programs

Intuitive usability

Approachable, award-winning product designs drive widespread user adoption

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Break new ground on handling construction project costs

Between materials, building codes, and deadlines, your engineering or construction teams have enough to focus on at the jobsite. Construction costs like sorting receipts and invoices shouldn’t distract from the work at hand. With the right automated construction cost tracking software, they never will.

Advanced on-site solutions for efficient cost tracking

Materials arrive at the construction site, where inspections are carried out, but the desktop in the trailer frequently faces connectivity issues. As a result, construction teams often turn to their own mobile devices to stay updated on construction project matters.

Fortunately, our software remains consistent on both mobile devices and desktop computers, regardless of the operating system or browser being used. This enables training for new hires and joint venture projects is a breeze. So no matter which projects they’re assigned to, they’ll see exactly the fields and permissions they need to get the construction job done.

Project management teams love the seamless integration of new configurations, permissions, and project code mappings that are instantly accessible on all devices and platforms without the need to download the latest app version, reinstall, or reboot.

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Construction cost tracking solutions

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Our Emburse expense solution is three-times more cost-effective than Concur, and we’ve reduced monthly transactional spend by about 70% since switching.

Dawn Conway
Sr. Business Analyst, BELFOR

Customer success

BELFOR achieved 67% faster reimbursements and reduced monthly transactional spend by 70%

BELFOR users struggled with Concur Expense’s difficult to navigate interface, lengthy reimbursement time, and lack of user-friendly mobile features. Seeking a better construction expense management experience, Belfor switched to Emburse.

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