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Emburse's expense solutions

Open platform for cards

Open platform for integration of travel and card program data

Emburse enables the flexibility to choose the Travel Management Company and travel technology platform that provides the right options for your institution and have that data flow seamlessly. Our flexibility extends to the ability to integrate all of your card programs in one place, whether it’s a travel card, a p-card, a one card, you now have a single solution for attaching the back up and routing for approval.

travel expense management

Travel and expense management for athletics, group travel, and other university functionalities

Emburse offers a way to manage your institutions end to end travel and expense reporting needs via Chrome River as well as our other Emburse platform solutions. In addition, the ability to handle non travel, departmental spend as well as linking your p-cards as well as other card programs, provides a way to capture all expenses in one place. Automated compliance, audit and approval routing take the burden off of your travel and finance teams to manually audit every expense. Our intuitive Analytics platform allows institutions to quickly and easily see where and how they are spending and make changes to optimize how they are managing funds.

funding sources icon

Funding sources

Emburse functionalities include the ability to split expenses among multiple cost centers and/or grants, as well as automated expense allocation that pre-populate the correct account choices, without the need to memorize account or fund codes. Also comes with the ability to utilize extensive per diem functionality, along with handling myriad custom configurations. As well as conditional compliance and approval routing rules depending on the funding source.

budget control icon

Budget control

Emburse allows trip pre-approval allows visibility into expenses before they happen. Budgets can be encumbered based on pre-authorized amounts and then liquidated once the actual expenses are incurred. Business rules can automatically check remaining budgets during both the pre-authorization and expense reporting processes

We saved over 40,000 hours per fiscal year that we used to spend processing expense reports and p-card transactions. The paper we saved annually equates to about 8,100 pounds, so I guess you could say we got rid of the elephant in the room!”

Lorrie Black
Sr. Business Analyst, University of New Mexico

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"We are so happy to stop wasting paper. Our employees like to be able to take a picture and go. Creating and processing pre-approvals and expense reports is so much easier and more efficient."

Daffie Garris
VP, Admin Services

Features that help you humanize higher education

Handling complex expense and invoice processes shouldn’t reduce your ability to support your institution’s growth. Let our solutions help you adapt to any change with greater visibility and control.

Pre-approve every expense

Take control of spending before it happens with pre-approvals and custom budgets.

Work from anywhere

Mobile-first technology lets your team work on campus or around the globe.

Tie spend to funding

Connect and split any transaction to specific funding centers or grants for effortless reporting.

Enhance compliance

Smart controls ensure compliance with company policies and government regulations.

Simplify workflows

Eliminate the busy work around routing expenses and invoices for approval.

Actionable analytics

Make insightful, strategic business decisions based on precise data instead of intuition.

Elevate travel

Improve the booking experience for teams, professors, and external ‘guest travelers’ 

Intuitive usability

Approachable, award-winning product designs drive widespread user adoption

Smart Partnership with Ellucian

You may already be familiar with Ellucian as the largest enterprise resource planning (ERP) provider to universities and colleges.  But did you know that Emburse powers Ellucian’s travel and expense functionality?  And because our solution is delivered as Software as a Service, you can be assured that Emburse won’t place an undue burden on your institution’s IT department.

Ethos Connected

Ellucian Ethos is the higher education framework connecting people, processes and applications across the institution to power coordinated programs designed for student success. Ethos is built upon an open data model that unifies data, APIs and integrations that connect a community of applications and analytics and workflow which enable universities to make informed and coordinated decisions. Together, Emburse and Ellucian enable institutions to gain insights from data for improved decision-making.

Pre-approve every expense

Automate the entire travel expense pre-approval, submission, approval, reimbursement process

Work from anywhere

Submit expenses and receipts from any mobile device for faster reimbursement

Tie spend to funding

See spending trends with analytics and reporting dashboards

Emburse helped us take the product and make it do things unique to a higher education environment. This level of customization on top of the easy-to-use interface have been well-received as we dump our beloved (and inefficient/irksome) paper processes.”

Carrie Meyer
Admin Manager, University of Minnesota

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