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Attorneys should be reviewing cases—not expenses or invoices. Every transaction’s policy check, proper allocation, and final approval slows down even the savviest submitter. Emburse streamlines the most complex spend management process so your attorneys can focus on cases and finance can grow the firm.

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Why law firms love working with Emburse

A typical global Emburse customer will have operations in at least 20 countries, multiple general ledgers to allocate expense items to, multiple languages, and will require strict compliance to their own unique interpretation of local regulations. You're in need of global expense management solutions with languages, currencies, VAT, per diems, and international tax jurisdiction requirements out of the box. Emburse supports 183 currencies and 40 different tax jurisdictions so your employees don’t need to worry about exchange rates – just the job at hand.

Expense fraud just doesn’t happen in large corporations – as the headlines indicate, fraud can happen in government and law firms. Law firms require smart auditing tactics precipitated by expense policy violations – Emburse provides a secondary review process to help catch these policy violations and errors to eliminate the potential for fraudulent activity.

Delegates are often under a time crunch to enter expense reports. Wouldn’t it be helpful if they could drag and drop charges from corporate card statements onto the expense report? How easy would it be if partners could tap their Uber trip into an expense claim?

Finance benefits, too, with seamless integrations with Elite and Aderant – so there’s no manual data entry. Corporate card programs are integrated, as are online booking tools, travel management companies like Altour or Ultramar, and travel technologies like Meridian or Quipsound for VAT recovery. Your firm is never beholden to list of approved vendors –Emburse adapts to your firm’s needs and growth.

We know the reality of your industry. Your top people will manage multiple projects. You might relocate a small team to run a critical project. You might even send members of a JV overseas to work on a high profile project. Or your best business development people might travel to two or three different prospects every week. Having flexible expense reporting software that can easily allocate charges to multiple projects is a requirement.

Emburse expense reports can include charges whether it’s all for one client, different expenses for different projects, or even a single expense line item split amongst multiple projects (think airfare to visit two job sites in the same city). And we make multiple allocations intuitive for the end user by handling everything behind the scenes with completely configurable business rules.

Emburse's approach is agile and accommodating, and I was particularly impressed by how configurable the solution is in order to meet our existing and evolving business needs.”

Esther Song
National Finance Manager, Buddle Findlay

Smart features let you stay focused

Handling the multitude of requirements for expenses or invoices should be the last thing on your mind. Put our technology to work so that you can continue growing your law firm with confidence.

Delegate users

Free your attorneys to focus on their caseload by giving assistants the ability to submit on their behalf

Ensure compliance

Reduce fraud and enhance compliance with dynamic business rules 

Work from anywhere

Process expenses and invoices in any country or currency with our intuitive, mobile-first technology

Streamline workflows

Eliminate the busy work around routing expenses and invoices for approval

Fast payments

Reimburse employees swiftly and pay vendors securely with less effort

Actionable analytics and reporting

Make insightful, strategic business decisions based on precise data instead of intuition

Intuitive usability

Approachable, award-winning product designs drive widespread user adoption

Private and secure

Adhering to the highest privacy and security standards will help your IT lead rest easy

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