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Imagine a world in which you don't have to wait four weeks for paper receipts, input them painstakingly through a manual system, and then have your employees wait even longer for reimbursement.


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Here are different ways manufacturing leaders can integrate field staff-friendly systems

Help streamline the expense reporting process with easy-to-use tools like mobile receipt capture, where the software will auto-populate information from the receipt. As well as integrations with apps like Google Maps for mileage tracking. All aimed to streamline your employees workflows and cut down on lost or misplaced receipts.

Take VitaPlus, for example, an agricultural food manufacturer that now reimburses employees 14 days sooner after switching to Emburse. Mobile expense reports mean finance teams can process and approve those reports faster, while employees will be happy to have cash back in their pockets sooner than before.

Virtual cards allow employees access to a company card without actually needing the physical card itself. Financial administrators can create and fund virtual cards on demand, which are accessible through a mobile app.

This allows finance teams to distribute cards based on the company's T&E policy, allowing better control over spend. That means it's easier for employees to purchase compliant expenses on the company card and easier for finance teams to issue them.

Manufacturing organizations have to source supplies from new partners when supply disruptions occur. With manual expense reporting handled in separate systems, there's no way to keep track of new requisitions and partners.

Finance teams can have more control and oversight with a single purchase requisition system. Switching to an automated system also gives employees peace of mind, knowing their purchasing from an approved vendor won't be out of policy compliance later.

Implementation was fantastic and we wouldn’t have wanted to do it any other way. The team was very easy to work with throughout the process, and the most helpful aspect was the onsite training.”

Randi L.
Senior Account Manager AP

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