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Simplify your travel, accounts payable and payments processes with Emburse solutions

Emburse provides comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of federal departments, agencies, contractors, state governments and departments, as well as towns and municipalities. Emburse helps all levels of government to effectively manage spend and increase compliance.

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Modern, compliant, and intuitive solutions to optimize travel, expense management,
accounts payable and
payment processes,
providing control and
cost reduction

Public agencies have a reputation for being behind the curve when it comes to technology. From a financial's perspective, your teams may struggle with manual processes and outdated solutions. When efficiency is choked, operation costs rise, spend becomes unmanageable, and you have less time to focus on your organization’s real mission. The time has come to evolve how you approach work.
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As a government agency, we require a lot of complex rules and approval workflows. Emburse took the time to really understand our needs, and this level of support was fantastic.

Dan Goldie
Standards Council of Canada

Smart features that make it easier for everyone

Emburse solutions are designed to be extremely easy to use, yet powerful and flexible enough to manage any public agency's security and compliance requirements.

Streamlined workflows

 Eliminate the busy work around routing expenses and invoices for approval

End out-of-pocket expenses

Emburse Cards allow you issue physical and virtual credit cards so your staff never has to reach for theirs

Improve compliance and control

Reduce fraud and ensure compliance with granular expense and invoice policies

Make travel easier for everyone

Benefit from integrated booking processes, travel risk communication, mileage tracking and more

Seamless integrations

Connect your business systems for greater efficiency and accuracy

Actionable analytics and reporting

Make insightful, strategic business decisions based on precise data instead of intuition

Lean on our expertise

Emburse Solution Administrator connects you to our team of experts for solution support, configuration, and consultation

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Emburse Solutions

Public sector loves Emburse

If you’re like most public sector organizations you struggle with manual processes and outdated technology. Emburse is designed to be extremely easy to use, yet powerful and flexible enough to manage any public agency's security and compliance requirements. Automating expenses from receipt to reimbursement will give your employees the tools they need to accelerate productivity and reduce fraud by eliminating paperwork and increasing compliance.

It’s time to modernize your current invoice management process and gain confidence in your procurement cycle. Emburse gives your agency total spend visibility with a modern, easy-to-use interface that allows you to quickly capture, store, match and approve invoices, while maintaining your internal approval workflow. Obtain a clear, accurate picture of your organization’s invoice spend, volumes and cycle times with our built-in analytics, enabling your organization to negotiate better rates with suppliers and make data-driven decisions.

Emburse provides more integrated ERP, travel booking, and corporate card options than any other spend management provider on the market. Whether you work with a local company or large global provider, we make it easy to do business with the vendor of your choice, hand-in-hand with Emburse’s solutions.

Intelligently plot your journey towards fully optimized spend management.

Learn where you are now to reach where you want to be in the future.