Spend optimization

Find and fine-tune spend across the organization

Spend optimization uses automation at scale to close the gaps that result from outdated processes. Optimizing one, two, or all of your company spend categories will save your organization time and money.See how optimized you are in under 10 minutes.

Emburse can help you identify your current optimization stage for each of the six key areas of corporate spend:

  • Expense management
  • Travel management
  • Invoice automation
  • Payments
  • Insights and analytics
  • Compliance and audit

Why make spend optimization a top priority?

Spend optimization creates measurable change throughout your organization. With powerful technology helping staff get more done in less time, business leaders can more readily meet their strategic goals.

Achieve better balance of spend and budgets to inform investments Reduce your overall operating costs Improve your spend visibility to make data-backed decisions Unify your data sources to distill information quickly and easily

Eliminate employee errors and late submissions Enforce policy compliance automatically while reducing fraud Improve your overall visibility to help with strategic payment decisions Ensure vendor payments are processed quickly and accurately

Capture receipts and submit your expenses and invoices while on the go Utilize virtual, pre-paid, or physical corporate cards Get reimbursed faster on business expenses Eliminate time spent on manual or paper-based expense tasks

Why make spend optimization graphic

Emburse is three times more cost-effective than Concur, and we’ve reduced monthly transactional spend by about 70% since switching.

Dawn Conway

Senior Business Analyst, BELFOR


By optimizing organizational spend, you can:

  • Solve cash flow and other AP headaches
  • Simplify travel by giving users one app instead of dozens
  • Make better strategic decisions with analytics
  • Improve insights around sustainability and travel-related carbon footprint
  • Defend against fraud and maintain regulatory compliance
  • Free up staff time for work that directly impacts business goals
  • Get the best vendor terms and pricing, including early payment discounts
  • Eliminate outdated expense reporting with virtual cards

Spend optimization picks up right where spend management ends.

Where management focuses on processes to keep spend under control, optimization involves creating a scalable, transparent, and strategic view of an organization’s spend.

Ad hoc

Ad hoc

Laborious manual processes reduce productivity and don’t provide insight into spend data.



Automation begins to drive down operational costs and reduce chaos.



Spend visibility and control improves as technology is implemented.



Digitally-evolved solution stack makes meeting strategic goals easier.

94% of surveyed CFOs say digital transformation is critical to their organization’s future success.

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Together, we’ll identify:

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  3. What your desired future state looks like, and how to get there

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