The Emburse Spend Optimization Model

Intelligently plot your journey towards fully optimized spend management. Learn where you are now and how to reach where you want to be in the future. 

Take your organization’s spend management capabilities to the next level — and beyond

The Emburse Spend Optimization Model outlines your optimal path from manual, legacy processes to outcome-based spend management. 
Those investing in automation may be wondering where to start or what’s next in their journey. The Spend Optimization Model provides your roadmap, regardless of where you are on the spend management spectrum today. 

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Emburse Spend Optimization Model

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Ad hoc

Laborious manual processes reduce productivity and block spend data insight

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Initial automation gains begin to drive down operational costs and reduce chaos

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You further increase spend management visibility and control  improves as more technology gets implemented

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With a digitally evolved solution stack, you can meet strategic goals with greater ease

Emburse Spend Optimization Model

Why optimize?

Embarking on a digital transformation creates measurable, positive change throughout the organization.

  • Better balance spend and budgets to inform investments
  • Reduce overall operating costs 
  • Improve spend visibility to make data-backed decisions
  • Unify data sources to distill information easily
  • Get more done in less time
  • Eliminate errors and late payments
  • Enforce policy automatically while reducing fraud
  • Improve visibility to help with strategic payment decisions
  • Capture receipts and submit invoices while on-the-go
  • Report spending accurately with less effort from a mobile device
  • Introduce virtual/physical corporate cards
  • Get reimbursed faster

The Spend Optimization Model clarifies both your current challenges and the potential ROI from optimizing spend.

We’ll help quantify your unique spend spectrum’s need for investment in a way that is easy to share with other stakeholders.

40% of surveyed finance leaders said very little employee expense reporting was automated.

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You have everything to gain

The knowledge from your Emburse Spend Optimization Model assessment paves the way to:
  • Initiate internal conversations about what area to focus on or what will make the greatest impact with the best ROI   
  • Pick a challenge and map a logical solution to fix it
  • Create growth projects and present them concisely at meetings for strategic planning, budgeting, or the board
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Take the first step toward fully optimized spend

Chat with us for insight into how your organization’s current expense management, travel, AP, and more could evolve to deliver future success. 
Together, we’ll identify:
  • The current level(s) of your organization’s spend maturity 
  • Which unique challenges impede organizational success
  • What your desired future state looks like—and how to get there
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