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SpendSmart Spotlight: Q2 2022 Travel Trends

Emburse analyzed more than 160,000 business travel bookings in the second quarters of 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 to determine how strong the recovery has been in terms of volumes and average spend. Average booking duration was also analyzed for car rentals and hotels, to determine if trips would be longer in the aftermath of the pandemic, as was predicted by many in the industry.


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4 Things to Know Before You Buy a Spend Optimization Platform

Use this checklist to learn how to not only protect your bottom line, but optimize it by moving beyond spend management with spend optimization.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Spend Optimization Strategy

Read this eBook to learn how organizations are improving spend transparency, analytics insights, and automation through spend optimization.

Portrait of the Modern Finance Department

Portrait of the Modern Finance Department

Read this insightful report to learn about the modern finance department - its challenges, gender makeup, and what organizations can do to make them more efficient and effective.

SpendSmart 2021 Food Edition

Emburse, a global leader in spend management solutions, analyzed transaction data from almost three million meal purchases to discover which food and restaurant brands corporate America’s employees visit the most. The results can be found in the latest SpendSmart report.

Women in Finance Infographic teaser image

Women in Finance

Emburse surveyed more than 500 finance professionals about their career experiences, plans and goals. The data revealed some stark gender differences. View this infographic to see the details.
Emburse Leader SPARK Matrix

Emburse is a Leader in SPARK Matrix: Accounts Payable Automation, 2022

Download this report to learn why analyst firm Quadrant Solutions positions Emburse as a leader in AP automation solutions, and then schedule a call to see for yourself how Emburse can help make your finance team more resilient.

Emburse Craziest Expenses 2021 cover

The Craziest Expenses of 2021

People keep submitting some really crazy expenses. Whether it’s for amounts so small you wonder why they bothered, big-ticket items that make you admire the submitter’s chutzpah, or just downright weird, 2021 didn’t disappoint.


5 Reasons Why CPOs & CFOs Work Better Together

According to Accenture, 54% of companies lost revenue in 2020 due to a lack of trust between leaders and their teams.


Forrester Report: With Automation, Finance Teams Can Become Leaders Of Data-Driven Initiatives

Harness the power of automation to deliver on business goals and ease expense management challenges.


The 5 Keys to Modern CFO Success

Technology has become a high-priority investment that helps businesses enhance collaboration, improve operational efficiencies and increase their bottom line.


Using Your Data For Negotiations With Vendors

According to Deloitte, travel managers are investing in cost control measures as travel resumes. But if you don’t track your spending, you won’t be able to effectively negotiate vendor discounts.

Ventana Emburse Research Cover

Ventana Digital Transformation

Read this research perspective, developed exclusively by Ventana Research for Emburse, to learn more about some of the challenges and opportunities in spend management.

A More Sustainable T&E Policy

As business travel finally returns, corporate travel leaders are under increasing pressure to reduce their programs’ carbon footprint. How can organizations improve sustainability, while also maintaining cost control and - critically - delivering a superior experience for their employees?

Emburse 2021 Trends Report

2021 Travel & Expense Management Trends

More organizations are using technology to improve the travel and expense management experience. See how your organization compares to more than 500 other businesses. Our report and infographic summarize new ways of working and key takeaways for the year ahead.

IDC 2020 T&E Management Software Market Share Report

2020 T&E Software Market Share

Leading technology analyst firm IDC discusses the state of the travel and expense automation software in the report Worldwide Travel and Expense Management Software Market Shares, 2020: Travel Down But New Opportunities Emerge


2021 T&E Trends Infographic

Not able to read the entire 2021 Travel and Expense Management Trends Report? View the infographic to see the latest trends shaping the industry and crucial areas of focus to maintain in the coming years.

GBTA sustainability report

The Remaking of Business Travel

As business travel resumes post-pandemic, are companies taking the opportunity to revisit the environmental and social impact of their travel programs? Our survey of travel managers suggests few are making it a priority.

Virtualizing Financial Operations

The requirement for organizations to work from home has immediately focused the operational challenges of highly-centralized, paper-based financial processes. Learn how your finance team can adapt to change in this on-demand webinar.


Craziest Expenses of 2020

Would you approve a $7600 facelift categorized as “Maintenance and Repairs”? Business expenses—and business as usual—is far from normal this year. Grab the infographic to see some of the wildest expenses of 2020.


UK Confidence Surveys

Two surveys, conducted with ICAS and Financial Director, asked finance directors, CFOs, and decision-makers for their perspective on the biggest impact—and opportunities—during an economic rebound.


Craziest Expenses of 2019

How much leeway do you give for policy compliance? View the infographic to see what types of unbelievable expenses were approved, or rejected, in our 2019 Craziest Expenses infographic.

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