Abacus: The #1 Alternative to Expensify

Abacus versus Expensify: What's the better value for your business? This article sheds light on how Abacus is "unrivaled, undoubtedly the best."

Thinking of switching from Expensify, but not sure where to start or what alternatives are out there? 

Here at Abacus, we believe our expense management solution is the #1 alternative to Expensify. Our customers agree, calling it “leaps and bounds above Expensify” and “unrivaled, undoubtedly the best” on review site G2 Crowd. And Abacus outperforms Expensify across 30+ user satisfaction ratings on this G2 report.

In this article, we’ll shed more light on how Abacus holds its own as your best alternative to Expensify. 

(And if you’d like a primer on the search for expense management solutions, download our buyer’s guide.)

Why Abacus is the #1 Alternative to Expensify

Abacus is the easiest way to automate how you reimburse your team, put your expense policy in place, and improve visibility across your expense management. As a result, the experience of using Abacus can save your employees time and allow them to focus on the work that drives your business forward. 

Drop the Need for Expense Reports

Abacus conducts real time expense reporting. It’s a method of expense reporting that automatically captures a continuous flow of expense data. Yup, no manual expense reporting required.

Instead of employees manually entering expense data, uploading receipts, and submitting

They can submit expenses from the Abacus app anywhere, anytime

Instead of manually pulling expenses into reports based on the information you need

You can filter down to the Live Report that you need — expenses and their data flow right into Live Reports

Instead of painstakingly reviewing each expense for policy compliance

You can set up controls to prevent policy violations, surface anomalies, and keep every expense compliant

Everyone saves time. Employees can easily request and receive reimbursement for business expenses. Managers can quickly seek clarification and make decisions. Accountants have peace of mind that approvals, payouts, and bookkeeping are seamlessly happening in the background. 

In fact, using Abacus is 80% faster than traditional expense reports. 

Streamline Expense Management With Automated Rules

Expense management software can increase transparency around your expense policy.

Abacus’ robust automated controls help here. You can enforce your policy, route expenses to the appropriate reviewers, set budgets and daily limits, and set up card issuing without a hitch. 

Here are two types of automated rules that Abacus employs:

  1. Policy rules that automate your expense policy to prevent or warn of out-of-policy expenses before they’re submitted. 
  2. Approval rules that can auto-approve expenses. You’ll bubble up expenses that are anomalies or out of policy, so that you can focus your efforts there.

Employees across your company can stay on the same page about your expense policy. Your team can trust that policy enforcement is streamlined and comprehensive. 

83% of expenses on Abacus are approved exactly as submitted and less than 0.5% of submitted expenses are denied. 

Gain Multidimensional Views of Expenses

Abacus’ Live Reports organize your expenses into flexible, real time report views. Expenses become searchable, sortable, and configurable. As a result, you can better sort your expenses for faster review. 

Employees submit expenses that Abacus tags with searchable data like amount, department, and client. Live Reports dynamically use that data to organize expenses. Pivot across the data points to review expenses based on the grouping that works for you. 

Here are some ways you can dynamically group and review expenses by theme:

  • Live Reports by category, by employee, by project, by client… the list goes on!
  • Exception Reports show you expenses that need deeper review
  • Billable expenses can be configured into a single report per client
  • Expenses from trips can be grouped to see total costs

In G2’s Abacus vs. Expensify customer feedback report, Abacus’ ease of creating expense reports earned a 93% user satisfaction rating.

Want to Learn More About Abacus?

Here are a few resources to continue learning about how Abacus can help you automate your expense management. 

Or, connect with our team to see Abacus in action.

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