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Emburse Go

The all-in-one corporate travel companion app

Emburse Go gathers all of your business travelers' reservations into a user-friendly companion app to create one single itinerary.

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Your team's best travel companion

Reimagining your corporate travel program starts with the right support system for your traveling employees. These tools can set you apart while empowering travelers to focus on business outcomes. Emburse Go gives you a powerful, agile solution that helps you streamline and improve the performance of your travel program while delighting your employees.

Simplify user experience

Integrate all your suppliers into one single platform to streamline processes.

Boost productivity

When travelers feel informed, safe, and supported, they can focus on the big meeting—not how they’re getting there.

Increase compliance

Built-in travel policies guide employees to make the right spending decisions and in-app messaging enables you to share program benefits and contextual trip information. .

Gain insights

Leverage and collect trip data to impact program goals like adoption, leakage, and sustainability.

Which version of Emburse Go is best for you? 

Emburse Go is available in two versions: Emburse branded or custom branded with built in corporate travel policies.

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Emburse Go

Any Emburse expense management customer with a managed business travel program, or who is thinking of establishing a managed corporate travel program, can benefit from the configurable version of Emburse Go!  


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Emburse Go Premier

Emburse Go Premier is a fully customizable, fully branded, business travel management app and support system. Go Premier is for any company seeking to offer higher value for travelers and travel managers, powered by a digital pocket travel assistant.


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Gain more value from every business trip 

When your employees are on the go, they need a mobile travel companion that makes their lives easier and helps guide them. Juggling multiple travel apps to piece together their itinerary manually is time-consuming and lowers productivity. 

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How is Emburse Go different?

Unlike other travel companion apps, Emburse Go was purpose built for the user experience, is highly configurable, and provides powerful insights through trip data.


Emburse Go gathers all of your business travelers reservations into a user-friendly app to create one single itinerary.


Sync all of your suppliers, including:
  • Online booking tools (OBT)
  • Travel management company (TMC)
  • Duty of Care providers (DOC)
Business traveler looking at travel management software

There’s no other mobile travel companion app that offers the type of customized messaging and branding that Emburse Go Premier provides.”

Rex Heineman
Global Travel & Expense Manager, General Mills

Features that humanize work

Emburse Go and Go Premier

Capture rebates

Make it easy for travelers to book through preferred suppliers with negotiated rates and leverage rebates with program partners like credit cards or restaurants.

Actionable data

Leverage and collect trip data to impact travel program goals like adoption, leakage, and sustainability.

Flexible integrations

Boost productivity with a wide variety of integrations to major TMCs.

Duty of Care

Keep your travelers safe and informed with in-app duty of care messaging.


Keep spending in-policy with customizable controls and pre-approvals.


Extend your brand to Emburse Go Premier for a completely custom look and feel.

City guides

Local city guides help travelers work like a local with health and cultural guidance - anywhere in the world.


Multi-language support and features like 'show taxi driver' let you share drop-off information in your destination country’s native language.

Focused on the business traveler experience before, during, and after every trip

Pre-trip planning

Emburse Go helps in pre-trip planning with useful destination information, including health and safety requirements. 
  • Notifications guide employees to adhere to booking windows and preferred vendors to maximize travel value
  • Manage restaurant, air, hotel reservations, and ground transport options via the app
  • Instantly access flight alerts, local city guides, corporate travel benefits, and policy information to keep employees engaged and focused on business outcomes

On-trip information

After booking a trip, all travel details load directly into the app using passenger name record (PNR) feeds, itinerary emails, or manual inputs.
  • Message center shares essential company information, locations, and visa or health requirements to help everyone plan ahead
  • Integrated suppliers such as hotel and ground transportation options help your employees manage their itinerary all in one place 
  • Risk and safety features help you monitor employee locations and provide additional support in an emergency

Gathering backend data is most important. The KPMG MyTrips app (Emburse Go Premier) enables us to understand where our people are staying, what they are spending on, and what they are doing during the trip.”

Raquel Hefferan, Director—Procurement Services and Strategic Travel

More than travel

Emburse Go is part of the Emburse platform. A group of solutions designed to help you optimize spend.

Improving usability leads to more engaged employees and better business outcomes. By optimizing critical finance processes, you’re able to better adapt to market changes and position your organization for greater success.

Lean on our team of spend optimization experts to bring the same consumer-like experience to every process.

Optimize your spend
Emburse Go Travel Management ecosystem

Companies around the world choose Emburse Go to help humanize work

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