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Emburse Spend

Transform your team’s spend

Emburse Spend is the latest advancement in purchasing solutions. Increase your real-time visibility and control by approving your team’s spend before it happens. Issue single-use and recurring virtual cards to your team members with your rules built in.

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Manage spend and protect the bottom line

Your team’s needs continuously evolve, like how they make purchases at work. That’s why you need Emburse Spend to effortlessly manage your team’s diverse spend from a centralized platform. The best-in-class corporate card and spend management solution empowers your team to buy what they need to help your organization grow.

Pre-approve your team’s spend

Remove unnecessary and time-consuming steps in your expense management process with Emburse Spend. Review and approve employees’ spend requests and customize card restrictions before they spend. Gain greater oversight and control of your daily processing by capturing expense details at the point of purchase.

See your team’s spend, in real time

Never be surprised again. Easily review your team’s current spending versus budget - in total, and by budget, spend category, team, or project. Use these real-time insights to make better decisions so you can get the best return from your team’s spend.

Automate your reconciliation

Get ahead of high volume, non-purchase order transactions that bog down accounting teams and employees by issuing virtual Emburse Cards. Capture expense details at the point of transaction for immediate, automatic reconciliation.

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Evolve the way you manage team spend

Emburse Spend’s flexibility empowers organizations of any size to tackle their team’s spend efficiently and insightfully.  

Get a better idea of how it can help you below.
  • Stop running the business on personal credit cards and simplify your expense management with the control, insight, and flexibility of Emburse Cards
  • Introduce an intuitive, cloud-based corporate card and expense management solution that bypasses the need for time-consuming expense reporting
  • Reduce burdensome, manual back-office activities so that you and your team can spend more of your time growing your business
  • Gain a long-term business partner. Emburse offers a wide range of expense, payment, and AP automation solutions that can serve the changing needs of your growing business. 
  • Increase control with tools that provide real-time visibility, enforce expense policies, prevent fraud, and even help you negotiate better rates with vendors. Put an end to employees using personal cards or sharing corporate cards for their business spend.
  • Give your CFO a clear, current view of the organization’s financial status and insightful analytics to make quick, informed strategic decisions.
  • Data APIs with leading finance software and a modern user interface makes life easier for administrators
  • Lean on our experts for best practices, or to do the work for you by subscribing to Emburse Solution Administrator
  • Improve your organization’s spend culture while strengthening relationships between your finance team and employees
  • Emburse Cards add simplicity and clarity to even the most complex approval workflows   
  • Keep your existing banking relationship while enhancing its capabilities through their data flows to improve spend culture    
  • Seamless integrations ensure Emburse Spend gets up and running quickly and lightly
  • Close the books confidently—and faster than ever 
  • Emburse’s expansive ecosystem delivers advanced AI-powered audits, powerful analytics insights, and innovative solutions for continually optimizing spend
  • Emburse Spend is a solution for the whole organization, from the C-suite to employees and temporary contractors
  • Use analytics to make informed cases for negotiating better rates with your vendors
  • Ensure security and compliance (GDPR, SOC 2 Type 2, ISO, and more)

Save time and boost team efficiency

Real-time expense solution with an intuitive interface

Learns from your behavior to suggest categories, vendors, and more

Assign delegate access to cards to expense for others

Card charges automatically flow into the system

Quickly track exact mileage between start and end points when traveling

Boost productivity with a wide variety of integrations 

More oversight. More control.

Faster close. Fewer cashflow interruptions.

With Emburse Spend you:
  • Issue unlimited single-use and recurring virtual cards to your team
  • Gain clear spending insights to accounting in real-time
  • Control employee spend from point of sale through reconciliation
  • Auto-reconcile receipts to simplify and streamline bookkeeping
  • Maintain the highest levels of security and prevent cashflow errors
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“Transform the corporate card from an executive status symbol into an everyday tool for teams.”

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Easily manage your team’s diverse spend needs

Too many organizations still struggle with blind spots, inefficiencies, and time-consuming manual processes in managing their team’s spend. Emburse Spend solves these challenges by replacing outdated technology, processes, and ad hoc payment methods. Some popular uses of Emburse Spend include:

Set a max budget for recurring advertising expenses and automatically prevent over-budget spend. When your team needs to spend more, they can send you a request to review and approve.

Create one-time, restricted-use virtual cards for large purchases that automatically reconcile at the point of purchase.

Assign each subscription a unique virtual card with auto-enforcing rules and tracking. When subscriptions are no longer needed, you can turn the corresponding cards off with just a few clicks.

Control and monitor spend by location, merchant category, and with customizable spend limits.

Issue virtual or physical cards for your team’s T&E needs. Issue single-use virtual cards to team members with infrequent travel needs.

Gain total control over your professional services, utilities, inventory, raw materials, and one-time vendor charges. Emburse Spend is designed for your team’s diverse spending needs.

Visibility and control for every purchase

Emburse Spend eliminates expense reporting from the approval workflow. Emburse Cards are issued to control spend before it happens and radically simplify the reconciliation experience.


Once implemented, you’ll say goodbye to surprise expenses, chasing employees for receipts, and battling after-the-fact card reconciliation. Everything—from approved spend limits to your unique policy parameters—arrives preloaded with each card.  


It’s the ideal solution for teams who want to automate expense reporting from start to finish while tracking multiple expense data points.

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