Between your workload, deadlines, and bottom lines, it's easy to lose sight of the elusive work/life balance. The Emburse on the Mic podcast series explores how business and finance professionals can make work more human, and less arduous It also highlights innovation's role in simplifying business processes like expense management, invoice and AP automation.

Emburse on the mic

Season 2: C-Suite Thinking

The future of payments

The current macro economic environment has accelerated discussions about payments optimization. Eric White, COO of Emburse, and Rajeev Subramanyam, GM of Emburse Pay Solutions, explore the biggest B2B payment challenges organizations now face and how to overcome them. You’ll learn how to achieve greater control and visibility over spending.

Season 1: Mission at Work

The new era of travel and expense management

The travel and expense landscape will continue to change. Organizations on the leading edge have already begun capitalizing on the agility and insight technology provides. But what will T&E look like in the future?

Kevin Permenter, research manager for IDC’s Enterprise Applications team, and Ted Power, chief product officer atEmburse, will share the latest advancements in the ever-evolving T&E space.

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Lessons from 2020

As 2020 hurtles to an end, we look back at the lessons it taught us. Emburse CEO, Eric Friedrichsen, joins us to discuss our response to the pandemic.  We also explore our role in helping customers successfully adjust to a remote workforce and insights other organizations can apply.

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Your mission matters most

Room to Read lives and breathes their mission to help kids all over the world. However, a manual expense workflow consistently took attention away from their effort. Shari Freedman, Room to Read’s CFO, and Emburse’s VP of Customer Success Management, Heather Peterson, join us to discuss how partnership and technology help revolutionize financial processes while restoring focus to the mission.