Employee meal cards

The meal cost solution with more control, more choice, and less waste.

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What are meal cards?

Meal cards are restricted use cards that can be issued to employees to use towards food purchases. Meal cards give the employee freedom of choice and even let them order delivery from sites like DoorDash or Uber-Eats.

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Employee Meal Card

Customized features for every business

Date restrictions

Date restrictions

Emburse gives employers the ability to choose which days of the week employees can make a purchase on perks.

Merchant restrictions

Merchant restrictions

Define the type of merchant your employees can purchase from to ensure they spend their perks appropriately.

Card groups

Card groups

Create templates for different offices, departments, or remote workers. This allows you to dynamically manage the cards of your entire workforce and makes the ordering process simple.


Shopkick is a fun and easy way for consumers to earn free gift cards for everyday shopping.


Providing employee lunches used to present a major challenge to Shopkick. Different locations had different budgets, catering resulted in wasted food, and reimbursing employees for meals through Expensify led to long waiting periods.


With Emburse, Shopkick issues employees credit cards with spending restrictions on budget, location, and merchant.

The need for reimbursements disappeared and there was a huge cultural add to have people go out to lunch together.