Work from home office expenses

Easily enable your employees to work remotely with policy-enabled virtual expense cards.

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Adjusting to a new normal

Transitioning to a home-based workforce can be difficult for staff on both sides of the expense approval. Emburse Cards ease the pain by simplifying home office purchases for everyone.

Rather than rely on your employee to pay out-of-pocket, you can issue a pre-authorized virtual credit card with spending limits and policy restrictions.

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Remote Office Expenses

Setup is a snap

Create a card

Step 1

Create a card with only the recipient's name and email address.

Set restrictions

Step 2

Set any restrictions on budget, merchant, and day.

Email the card

Step 3

Email the card to the employee and they can start spending.

Case study

Bonafide is a software company that sells ERP systems managing medical equipment.


Bonafide used to manually reimburse its remote employees for business expenses like software subscriptions and office supplies. Employees would have to incur these out-of-pocket expenses and wait a few weeks to get their money back.


Bonafide now issues each of its remote employees a virtual card. Each card is assigned a budget according to the policies of each department. For example, for new hires, a virtual card loaded with $500 is sent so that office equipment like a keyboard, monitor, and mouse can be purchased.