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"We switched to Emburse and couldn’t be happier. Emburse offers a more customizable and feature-rich expense solution than Concur, and at a significantly lower price point. Our implementation was quick and easy, complete in just three months; and change management was smoother than expected since the solution is so user-friendly. In fact, users have been raving about the new Emburse platform and how much easier it is to use. From a finance perspective, we no longer have to manually validate data as everything automatically feeds across our systems, which saves us significant time."

Aaron Fettes
Corporate Controller, North Shore Healthcare LLC

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Let the sunshine in

Under the regulation, all expenses, including meals and gifts, must designate the recipient. To meet this requirement, Emburse has integrated the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) healthcare database records as well as the MedPro Systems' MedProID® Healthcare Provider (HCP) database into our expense management solutions.

When users add a new lunch or dinner receipt to their expense report, they are prompted to look up the professionals who participated. While the database contains over 14 million HCP and HCO records drawing from 800+ State License Boards, plus DEA, AMA, NPI, and CDS sources, the selection criteria is as easy as typing in the first few letters of the last name. The system already recognizes the state for the user and returns results that make sense.

This provides users with the ability to quickly associate expenses with a specific practitioner to meet the National Physician Payment Transparency Program: Open Payments (Sunshine Act) reporting requirements.

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Handling the multitude of requirements for expenses or invoices should be the last thing on your mind. Put our technology to work so that you can continue growing with confidence.

Sunshine Act compliant

Quickly connect expenses to physicians using CMS and HCP databases directly in the solution

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Eliminate the busy work around routing expenses and invoices for approval

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Mobile-first technology lets your team operate from any lab, clinic, or medical facility

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Make insightful, strategic business decisions based on precise data instead of intuition

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Reimburse employees swiftly and pay vendors securely with less effort

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Rest easy knowing we adhere to the highest privacy and security standards

Enhance compliance

Reduce fraud and ensure compliance with company policies and healthcare regulations

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Approachable, award-winning product designs drive widespread user adoption

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