How Prepaid Expense Cards Help Franchise Owners

Prepaid Expense Cards

When starting a franchise, owners have a strong need to control expenses and limit as many risks as possible. Because of this, many new franchise owners are wary about having employees or contractors use a company credit card. Before, especially for businesses that had employees on the road or traveling, it was difficult to manage expenses and the reimbursement process tied up too many precious resources.

Now, franchise owners have ...

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Make Your Fall Business Budget Review Fun

business budget review

It can seem like in a blink of an eye, summer has disappeared, Labor Day is gone and families are in back to school mode. Although businesses don’t stop and rest for a summer vacation, many employees have taken vacation or vendor projects may have slowed to accommodate workers schedules and holidays.

September signals somewhat of a new start and getting back to the grind. Long weekends and picnics ...

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Effective Company Expense Management Tips

company expense management

Business owners know all too well that costs matter and they matter a lot. Cost and expense management can make or break a business and especially in the beginning, every single penny needs to be micromanaged.

In the United States, roughly 20% of business fail in their first year, which is largely related to not having enough profit compared to expenses. As businesses survive and continue to grow, it can ...

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Find the Best Bookkeeping Software Solution


More often than not, many accounting software solutions have similar features and standard modules which include ledger management, payment processing and invoicing. Aside from these key features, there should be several other aspects that are considered in order to find the best bookkeeping software for your business. Three of the best features that will save you time and money are:

  • Ease of Use
  • Security
  • Compatibility & Integration

Two of the ...

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4 Corporate Budget Planning Tips

corporate budget

Business owners are experts in their trades and specialties, but some struggle or do not have much experience with a very important skill - corporate budget planning. Budgeting and matching expenses to revenue are essential for business owners to have a clear picture of whether or not they have adequate funds to sustain their operations, expand, generate enough income to pay salaries and remain profitable. Without a budget, businesses run the ...

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Reimbursing Employees for Expenses | Types of Reimbursement

business expenses

In today’s business world, employees are more mobile than ever. This can present unique challenges for businesses to control and monitor spending. How does an organization determine what is and what is not acceptable for reimbursable expenses? There are three main categories to be aware of and there are different ways to account for them.

Travel and Mileage Reimbursement

A major category for expense reimbursement is travel and mileage ...

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Business Travel Expenses | What Can Be Deducted

travel expenses

For most businesses, having employees travel whether just a handful of times per year or on a weekly basis is common. Keeping track of travel expenses and knowing what can be deducted for taxes as well as what is to be reimbursed to employees is important. Setting clear guidelines up front about acceptable daily spending limits and tracking purchases to simplify year end tax filing can save time and money ...

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The Best Way to Keep Track of Business Expenses

business expenses

Basic math deems that the amount of money that a business spends on expenses versus what they earn as a profit will ultimately determine their success. It is unavoidable for businesses to not have expenses, and to cover the costs they need to generate a substantial profit. There is always a fine line between expenses and profit - and one that business managers and owners need to monitor closely. Expenses need ...

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Business Budget Management Tips

business budget management

An essential skill for business owners and managers to have is bookkeeping, and more specifically, budgeting. Business budget management is more than just trying to figure out how many dollars and cents will be required for the fiscal year. It takes careful planning, good forecasting and controlling expenses to ensure that your business is able to fund operations and generate income.

When an organization does not have a proper budget ...

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Benefits of Travel Per Diem Cards

travel per diem cards

Managing expenses has increasingly become a priority for business owners and managers. In fact, many organizations have performed thorough reviews of their expenses and have taken action to reduce unnecessary spending and to control costs better.

Each year, businesses spend a significant amount on their employees travel costs. However, without proper controls in place, unauthorized spending can occur as well as overspending. By using travel per diem cards, companies can ...

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