Emburse is Hiring

Emburse an early-stage startup based in SF and is hiring for two roles:

  • A hybrid sales/account executive 
  • A full-stack engineer familiar with running Django on AWS

Modernizing Credit Card Issuance

Emburse is a corporate credit card platform that generates virtual and physical credit cards with specific budget restrictions. We manage both traditional corporate card expenses like T&E as well as backend vendor payments. We take pride in having a ...

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The Virtual Business Credit Card | 4 Main Advantages

Virtual Business credit card

The virtual business credit card is the latest iteration in the ever evolving credit card family.  This development in the credit card world is quickly becoming a popular tool in proprietary expense management systems.  The technologically advanced cousin of the plastic PIN and chip cards is seen to be providing even more advantages for business users.  In this article we’ll detail 4 benefits of the virtual business credit card.

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Key Features Of The Best Small Business Credit Card 2018

Best Small Business Credit Card 2018

If you’re looking to update your expense management system to include credit cards, consider this list of the key features of the best small business credit card 2018.

  • Cash Back Rewards - Generate revenue by paying your bills.  The more you use your small business credit cards, the more cash back you receive.
  • 30 Day Invoicing Options - Rather than having to pay for your purchases on the spot, use a ...
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3 Points To Consider When Issuing A Corporate Credit Card

corporate credit card

Issuing a corporate credit card can be a momentous occasion for both the employer and the employee.  It proves the company has reached a level of business that allows it utilize more sophisticated expense management tools.  For the employee it means they’ve reached a level of trust and experience within the business to warrant more responsibilities.  However, before granting such privileges, an administrator needs to ensure certain things are in place.

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3 Reasons To Use Credit Cards For Employees

Credit cards for employees

When it comes to business expenses, there are a myriad of options for the company accounting department.  From old fashioned petty cash funds to modern day virtual credit cards, the choices appear endless.  However, in this article we’ll attempt to prove that using credit cards for employees is currently the best option available for business expense accounting.  Here are 4 reasons to use credit cards for employees.

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