Reloadable Debit Cards for Employees | Simplify Independent Contractor Spending

reloadable debit card

The American workforce has seen some very significant changes over the past several decades. In 2015, a report released by the US Government Accountability Office mentioned a statistic that surprised many - 40.2% of the current workforce is made up of contingent workers. This statistic refers to those that are not employed by what has traditionally been considered permanent, secure positions.

The report classified which groups of employees were defined ...

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Purchase Requests Feature

purchase requests feature

For many small businesses, it is common practice to have a few business expense cards that are passed around and shared for when someone needs to make a purchase. Doing so however, loses all accountability of who spent what. It may not matter too much when companies are only 5-10 employees, but we’ve seen bookkeepers have to spend hours and pester employees to trace down receipts for months old ...

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Corporate Mastercard | Pro Tips for Making Expense Tracking Less Painful

expense tracking

Although the days of having to rely on Excel and scanners for expense reconciliation are well behind us, unfortunately for many organizations the process is still quite manual and very time-consuming. Office managers become burdened with having to chase down employees for their corporate Mastercard receipts, which in many cases were lost shortly after the transaction occurred. Certify recently published a survey of 500 CFO’s and 50% reported that timely reconciliation was a major pain point and struggle for their organization.

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Business Prepaid Debit Card | Advantage of Using Emburse over Traditional Corporate Credit Cards

Virtual Prepaid Debit Cards

Emburse allows all employees to have access to a virtual or business prepaid debit card that provides complete accountability. These cards have a limited spending budget and provide live data of all transactions. Emburse even provides a purchase order flow for employees that do not require a physical card but need to occasionally spend securely. The employee can request to purchase an item from a merchant for the specific dollar amount and once approved by a manager, Emburse will assign a virtual card that can only be used with that merchant for the approved amount.

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Business Reloadable Debit Cards | What Are The Benefits?

Prepaid Debit Cards

No matter the industry, expense reconciliations is vital, yet often neglected or mismanaged accounting function within a business. Usually compounded by the strain and time sensitive month-end requirements, many organizations feel the pain involved with their current reconciliation processes. The good news is that there is a way to reduce risk, implement procedure improvements, automate payments and make your entire reconciliation process easier to manage.

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Virtual Prepaid Cards | How to Manage Remote Office Expenses

Remote Expense Management

Telecommuting has grown substantially in recent years and according to the United States Department of Labor, 24% of employed people in 2015 did some or all of their work at home. Working remotely and virtual offices are becoming more common across many industries, spurred by intelligent tools for time tracking, instant messaging and collaboration platforms that increase productivity and accountability. 

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