Business Prepaid Cards Vs. Credit Cards | Pros & Cons

Business Prepaid Cards Vs. Credit Cards

When it comes to business expenses, there are a variety of methods in which to make payments.  Traditionally businesses used cash or checks, but as payment cards have become more popular for the general public, so too have they begun to be used more often by businesses.  In this article we compare business prepaid cards vs. credit cards and debate their pros and cons.

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A Credit Card With Spending Limits | 3 Types Of Limits

Credit Card With Spending Limits

When considering a credit card with spending limits, one couldn’t be blamed for thinking about the maximum amount of money available for card use.  After all, most every credit card comes with a preset expenditure threshold that isn’t supposed to be breached. However, there are at least three different types of spending limits which can control how a credit card is used.  This article will cover each of these types of limits in more detail.

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Employee Credit Card Policies For Small Business

Employee Credit Card

Issuing credit cards to employees is a trust based exercise.  Employers count on their employees to use their credit cards appropriately and not abuse the privilege.  To ensure that trust isn’t broken, it falls upon employers to draft a set of policies to outline proper credit card usage.  What follows is a list of tips to be taken into consideration when formulating an employee credit card program.

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5 Tax Deductions For Business Expense Credit Card Fees

Business Expense Credit Card

As a business owner, there is a large range of tax deductions available to the business that are not available to individuals.  Examples such as dining out, tickets to events or memberships to clubs are all tax deductible as long as the expenses can be proven to be used for for business purposes.  Similarly, business expense credit card fees are tax deductible whereas the same fees cannot be used for tax deductions if the expenses are personal. This article covers three tax deductions that are available when it come to business related credit card fees.

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5 Metrics Considered By A Corporate Credit Card Issuer

Corporate Credit Card Issuer

Although it may not be immediately apparent, there are significant differences between corporate credit cards and business credit cards.  A corporate credit card issuer takes into consideration a different set of conditions than those of a business or personal credit card issuer.  In this article, we go over the types of metrics considered by an issuer of corporate credit cards.

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Why Generate Virtual Credit Cards For Your Employees?

Generate Virtual Credit Cards For Your Employees

Virtual credit cards can come in very handy for companies who have remote employees, deal with out-of-town vendors or need to make one-off or online payments.  Creating a virtual credit card allows a company to generate a number that is different from, but connected to, their actual credit card. Charges made on the virtual number can be limited to a single-use, to a certain time frame or a monetary ceiling.  In this article we elaborate why it makes sense to generate virtual credit cards for your employees.

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Looking For An Alternative To Giving Employees Cash?

Alternative To Giving Employees Cash

When your business is just getting off the ground, you may have no alternative but to give your employees cash when they need to pay for company expenses.  But as your business starts to build a credit history, increases its cash flow and gains the ability to examine financing options, you may wish to find an alternative to giving employees cash.  Consider this list when looking for a cash substitute that allows your employees to pay for business expenses.

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