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At any one time, approximately 5,000 of Microsoft's 124,000 employees are in the air or on the road for important business travel. At Seattle-Tacoma airport, near the company's headquarters, an average of 200 employees are either taking off or landing every hour. Business travel matters to this global company.

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Microsoft Saves 1.2 Million Hours Annually with Emburse Go

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Microsoft highly values the contribution its road warriors make to the bottom line. By leveraging Emburse Go, they give their employees at least two hours back per trip to get back to what matters most.

When your employees are on the go, they need a mobile travel companion that makes their lives easier and helps guide them. Juggling multiple travel apps to piece together their itinerary manually is time-consuming and lowers productivity. Emburse Go gathers all of your travelers' reservations into a user-friendly companion app to create one single itinerary.

Emburse Go helps pre-trip planning with useful destination information, including health and safety requirements, and manages on-trip events (restaurants, air, hotel reservations, ground transport, etc.). Instant access to flight alerts, local city guides, corporate travel benefits, and policy information keeps employees engaged while focusing on business outcomes.

Instantly accessible on your employees' smartphones, desktops, and tablets

After booking a trip, all upcoming travel details load directly into the app by PNR feed, emailing itineraries, or inputting manually. The messaging center displays information such as city guides, office locations, visas, and health requirements to help travelers plan ahead.

Notifications nudge employees to adhere to policies (like booking windows and selecting preferred vendors) to maximize travel ROI. Destination-specific tips like local music, restaurants, and wellness activities keep them engaged and delighted.

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...the best way to get resources directly into our travelers’ hands.

Eric Bailey

Director of Travel, Meetings and Payment, Microsoft Procurement

Microsoft Procurement

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Benefits for the company

Integrate all of your suppliers into one single platform, increase corporate travel policy adherence and collect trip data to impact travel program goals like adoption, leakage and sustainability.

Benefits for employees

With Emburse Go at your travelers' fingertips, they feel informed, safe, and supported wherever they may be, so they can focus on the big meeting—not how to get there.

Put our expertise to work

Tailor your travel management program to meet your company's exact needs, regardless of its size, industry, or geography.