Frequently Asked Questions about Emburse Go

Most people are out of practice traveling for work. Or now have to take trips from their home office to HQ. Help your travelers get back on the road with a handy travel companion app that keeps them organized, informed, and safe. Emburse Go pulls together all of their travel plans, provides robust destination content such as the latest health and safety requirements, transportation options, tipping advice, and even local music, and enables you to contextually communicate with your travelers on program benefits, destination reminders, sustainability tips, safety and more.

Emburse Go goes beyond what a TMC app can provide by enabling your travelers to manage ALL travel plans - even those made outside of the TMC - to be managed in a master itinerary and enables you to communicate with your travelers to make them feel supported and cared for.

Of course they do! We don’t deliver a solution for booking – we’re not a TMC or OBT – but we integrate with any (mobile) booking channel you want. Despite many others in the corporate travel ecosystem, we’re flexible and can work with all providers – we offer a “best in breed” solution.

The business case is based on soft value return and hard dollar savings. For soft value, think about traveler satisfaction, engagement, increased reward / productivity and reduced risk of travel. For the hard dollar savings, think about impact on compliance and the shifting behavior of travelers.

We are a SaaS solution, we do most of the heavy lifting. Although – just like with flowers – the more attention, the prettier they grow.

Yes, we support customers with the largest global travel programs in the world and support travelers wherever they are.

Pairing Emburse Go with Emburse’s travel and expense management solutions dramatically enhances the end-to-end business travel experience. Together, they help travelers manage their business travel itineraries, capture receipts, and submit business expenses for reimbursement.

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