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The added value of Emburse Go

A traveler-centric corporate travel program leads to higher value for all stakeholders. See how Emburse Go can help you boost your ROI on traveler engagement and user satisfaction while still contributing to the bottom line.


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Companies around the world choose Emburse Go to help humanize work

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Integrate all your suppliers into one single platform

Simplify the work environment. Too much access to information has turned us into “overwhelmed” employees.
Source: Deloitte Human Capital Trends Survey

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Increase compliance by giving easy access to your travel policies

Provide employees with the information and tools they require to collaborate, communicate, utilize to their fullest potential. 
Source: Deloitte, The digital workplace: Think, share, do

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Boost employee productivity with traveler satisfaction

The level of happiness has a profound impact on workers’ creativity, productivity, commitment, and collegiality. If employees are happy, the company will be, too.
Source: Harvard Business Review

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Use behavioral data to optimize the experience and procure for value

In a digital world where behavioral data, customer-centricity, personalization, and customer experience separate the winners from the losers, it’s no coincidence that these companies thrive.
Source: McKinsey survey, Capturing Value from behavioral data.

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From costs to value-centric

Business travel has lost its way and its sense of direction. Why has this happened? Simply put, the primary goals of travel managers have been preventative – to cut costs and manage risk. Safety and savings have been paramount, and there is no denying that those two things are critical. 

However, the engine has started to sputter when it comes to promoting traveler productivity, connectivity, and satisfaction. Travel management has to deliver true commercial value. 

At Emburse, we understand this and, more importantly, we know how to get you there. As a family of passionate, tech-savvy people with commercial nous and travel industry expertise, we'd love to join you on that journey.

Cost-centric and Value-centric

Procuring for savings alone will stunt growth

Optimize savings

One program for all (excl. execs)

Data compliance 50%

Transactional data reporting

Yearly traveler survey

Focus on compliance

Process/Compliance driven

Traveler is at the end of the process

Value-driven companies outpace their peers

Optimize utility
Persona-based program
Data compliance 80%
Actionable data reporting
Trip survey
Enabling Productivity
Data/Communication driven
Traveler is at the beginning of the process