Emburse Go adds simplicity

5 ways Emburse Go adds simplicity to business travel

Learn how the world’s leading companies like Microsoft, Nike, and Pfizer are reaping the benefits of simplified processes by implementing an all-in-one travel companion solution like Emburse Go.

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Companies around the world choose Emburse Go to help humanize work

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What are the benefits of a simplified travel program?

Minutes matter. Clicks count.

It seems small, but by reducing the number of clicks and taps it takes to book a reservation or check-in, you begin saving minutes every trip–and hours every year.

Why pay more for a painful process?

Streamline the traveler’s journey by curating only essential information, eliminating the complexity,and simplifying post-trip expensing.

Learn from travelers' trips

Encouraging employees to share valuable insights from their journeys reduces stress for fellow travelers while uncovering money-saving opportunities and promoting community.

Make policy part of planning

Complicated compliance policies lead to major headaches for your travelers and finance team. Embedding what travelers can (and can’t do) within the app helps make the right choices accessible for everyone’s benefit.

Connections aren't just in airports

Empowering corporate travel programs to track, collect, and centralize data from chosen suppliers provides the end-user with a personalized, slick,and streamlined service.

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