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Emburse Go

The all-in-one corporate travel companion app

Optimize the business traveler experience while increasing travel program use compliance. Improve the
performance of their travel program while empowering and delighting employees.

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Increase the value of your travel program

Emburse Go helps you:

Simplify user experience

Boost productivity

Increase compliance

Gain insights

Features that simplify travel

Give your organization's travelers all of the information they need to have a successful business trip in one app.


Based on PNR feed with real-time updates, emails, or manual updates. Share easily with family, friends, or colleagues.

Health and safety

Standard alerts, notifications, and COVID information. 

Transportation updates

Flight updates and alternatives, gate changes, public transport, taxi, train, Uber/Lyft, and walking information - including cost estimates and carbon impacts.

Destination info

Configure your company's top travel destinations. Complete with maps, points of interest, restaurants, ATMs, gyms, and relevant suggestions such as tipping customs and cultural basics.

Trip changes

Click to call, chat, or email with agent and external suppliers (safety, service, company service) and access helpful guides.


Pre-loaded with 15 city guides. Available in 7 languages and currencies - based on the home office.

Emburse Go's message center

The Emburse Go message center keeps employees well-informed, safe, and helps them make the right choices.
  • Push important messages to all of your staff at any time
  • Provide minor to major updates regarding their booking, like gate changes, flight delays, travel policy changes, safety updates, and more
  • The messaging center only contains up-to-date, trustworthy, and company vetted information
  • Include the important links you travelers need
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Protected by the security you expect

Emburse Go uses Common Auth to keep your company and traveler information protected.