QuickBooks users: Save hours on data entry by syncing your expense management solution

If your company is still managing expense reports manually, staying on top of it all can be frustrating and time consuming. 

This is especially true when trying to keep your manual expense management spreadsheets synced with a modern accounting system like QuickBooks.

If you’re a QuickBooks user (for QuickBooks Online, Desktop, or Enterprise), then you have an opportunity to save hours on data entry. You can do so by integrating QuickBooks with Tallie. 

Tallie gives you hours of your time back. It’s a turnkey expense management solution that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, giving you an end-to-end expense workflow that’s easy and automated. 

Tallie and QuickBooks integration

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You can watch this 60-second overview or keep reading to learn how Tallie’s accounting integrations will save you time. 


How Tallie’s QuickBooks integration saves you time

Activity-based syncs

Your accounting data is always updated in Tallie and QuickBooks, right after a change is made. That means your data transfers are instant and automatic when you make a change in Tallie (or a change in QuickBooks). These automated syncs are called activity-based syncs. 

How this saves you time: Say goodbye to manually syncing your data between your expense management spreadsheets and QuickBooks. 

General Ledger (GL) Mapping

Employees can easily submit expenses by snapping a photo of receipts on their mobile device. From there, Tallie automatically matches the captured expense with previously mapped GL accounts imported or synced from your accounting system. 

You can also dynamically generate invoices in QuickBooks based on billable expenses that are mapped to your expense accounts or items. 

How this saves you time: There’s no more human error to double check for in your GL mapping. 

Data delivery

Fully coded expense data is delivered directly to QuickBooks in the right format for your company — including bills, checks, and credit card transactions. The full line item detail is provided, along with original source documentation and the ability to map expenses to accounts or items. 

What’s more, you can trust that expenses from Tallie will meet the requirements of your corporate expense policies when they arrive in QuickBooks. Tallie users can set up automated flags and rules to help ensure submitted expenses are all compliant.

How this saves you time: You can rely on accurate accounting and expense data, removing the need for manual audits. 

How Tallie’s integration with QuickBooks compares

Here’s a full run-down of the integration quality of the Tallie and QuickBooks integration, as compared to integrations with expense management tools Concur or Expensify.

Tallie integration with Quickbooks - features

Learn more about how Tallie’s integration with QuickBooks works here. Ready to start saving time with the Tallie and QuickBooks integration? You can get started with our 14-day trial — no credit card required.

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