Receipt processing

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Supercharged receipt processing

Emburse Tallie's receipt processing technology makes it even easier and faster for users to get their expenses imported quickly with the correct information populated.

Tallie receipt processing with high-speed optical character recognition (OCR)

High-speed optical character recognition (OCR)

Every receipt image sent to Tallie runs through a comprehensive receipt processing workflow, which begins with our OCR engine.

Emburse Tallie's receipt processing workflow

Average receipt processing times of fewer than 60 seconds

Receipt images are scanned, isolating merchant, date, and amount data points

Merchant names are normalized against an existing merchant database to enhance reliability

Tallie receipt processing with automatic data population

Automatic data population

Once receipts are scanned, an expense is generated in your Tallie account with the following data:

Merchant, data, and amount sourced from the receipt image via OCR and/or human verification

Expense category mapped to a General Ledger Account, based on the merchant, amount, and previous categorization behavior

Any dimensional classifications pre-assigned to the user, such as department, class, and location