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Modern p-card management for your team’s needs

Emburse Spend helps your team modernize all aspects of its p-card management. With quality-of-life features that simplify purchasing for everyone, you’ll quickly evolve past the headaches that POs and expenses reports can cause.  


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The Emburse Spend advantage

  • Save time by automating purchase reconciliation 
  • Seamless ERP integrations and matching GL codes
  • Instantly issue pre-approved physical and virtual cards 
  • Setup proactive, self-enforcing spend controls
  • Flexible approval automations and policy controls
  • See transactions in real-time as a card is swiped

How could Emburse Spend help your team?

Set a max budget for advertising spend and automatically prevent over-budget transactions.

Create one-time use virtual cards for large, outsize purchases while detecting duplicates.

Assign each SaaS subscription a unique virtual card with auto-enforcing rules and tracking.

Monitor spending by location and use card budgets to make large, one-off purchases.