Person using Emburse Spend to make p-card management easier


Simplify p-card management with Emburse Spend

Emburse Spend is a p-card management solution that helps AP and procurement teams empower their employees to spend smarter while maintaining necessary control and visibility of purchasing expenses.

Emburse Spend user interface

Emburse Spend

Empower teams to spend smarter, no expense reports required

Set a max budget for advertising spend and automatically prevent over-budget transactions

Assign each SaaS subscription a unique virtual card with auto-enforcing rules and tracking

Create one-time use virtual cards for large, outsized purchases while detecting duplicates

Monitor budgets by location, project, team, and more, while easily labeling COGS purchases as billable

Proactive Control

Proactive Control

Manage purchases before they happens with built-in card controls.

Instant Visibility

Instant Visibility

See expense details instantly without waiting on an expense report.

Effortless Close

Effortless Close

Zero-touch management and accounting with purchase to posting automation.

How Emburse Spend works

Set policies

Mirror existing expense policies to automate low-value work

Issue Emburse Cards

Admin/Manager issues or approves request for pre-coded virtual or physical card


Member purchase triggers smart receipt/ invoice capture and auto-submission


Purchase is auto-approved with touchless ERP reconciliation

With Emburse Spend, we’ve gained more visibility into our operating expenses and increased control of our spend with a platform that can easily scale with us as we grow.”

Morgan McLintic
CEO, Firebrand

Optimize with Emburse Spend

Unified Spending

Flow data from select card programs alongside Emburse Cards for total visibility.

Increased Agility

Adapt to any new subscription or vendor with rules-based Emburse Cards.

Comprehensive Protection

Receive overcharge and suspicious transaction notifications in real time.

Empower Employees

Eliminate out-of-pocket business purchases and create a painless reconciliation experience.

Cash Back Rewards

Receive cash back on every Emburse Cards purchase.