The right reports, right now.

Get a grip on the financial details of your business without breaking a sweat. Each team member can access reporting relevant to themselves, their employees, or the total company - all in accordance with their system permissions.

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The perfect level of detail, with options for more.

Your business moves faster than spreadsheets. Let SpringAhead help you make informed businessdecisions with timely, accurate information. Reports are available on-demand at the touch of a button. You can run detailed reports on virtually any data in the system and drill down into the source documents with a single click.

SpringAhead Reporting Screen

Integrate SpringAhead reporting into your existing workflow.

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Keep your system of record

SpringAhead exports all of the key time, expense and project data to your accounting system. This gives you the option to continue to run all of your existing accounting without missing a beat.

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Smart and secure

You'd like your team to run reports on the data that's pertinent to them but you need your private data to stay private. SpringAhead understands this. Each user is only granted access to the reports that are relevant to them and nothing more (unless you say so). This saves you time answering questions while keeping sensitive data such as bill and pay rates behind the scenes.

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Export to Excel for more

When your number crunchers want access to the data, you have it at your fingertips. Simply export to Excel at the touch of a button.